Friday, November 11, 2016

Blog CCV (205): So What CAN You Do With A History Major?

As a general rule, I try not to read the blogs of other historians.  Some of them are quite good, but they are generally focused on their fields.  I find all sorts of different fields of history interesting, but at some point you have to say, I just cannot keep up with issues developing in U.S. intellectual history, and/or Medieval European history.  History bloggers also tend to wander off topic a bit; I probably have done that a bit, but only a bit; others wanted to use their forums to talk about the 2016 U.S. presidential election, or the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. 

With those points made, I do every once and a while--more once than while--I visit other history blogs.  One of the better ones out there is John Fea's "The Way of Improvement Leads Home."  Fea is a religious historian of the 19th Century, and chair of the Department of History at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Although his blog focuses a lot on his research and teaching areas, Fea moves around the 19th Century a fair deal, and discusses many other history profession issues.

In 2009 Fea started a series on his blog "So What CAN You Do With A History Major?"  The majority of the entries in this series are interviews with history graduates of Messiah College on what they have done with their degree since graduation, but it is more than a little idiosyncratic.  There are re-postings of other articles, multiple posts about the same person, interviews with guidance counselors, and so on.  This series is aimed at convincing undergraduates and/or their parents that a BA in history is not a waste of a college degree.  Despite that fact, it serves a useful purpose for people in graduate school as a way of generating ideas on what they might do if they are unable to line up gainful employment as professional historians:
  1. Introduction to the Series
  2. "Closing the Gap Between the Liberal-Arts and Career Services"
  3. HNN Intern
  4. Famous History Majors
  5. Police Officer
  6. History Professor
  7. Medical Doctor
  8. You Majored in What?
  9. Jonathan M. Young, Chair, National Council on Disability
  10. The Dartmouth Chart
  11. Five Interviews
  12. Salaries
  13. Librarian
  14. A Passion for History 
  15. Katherine Brooks Interview
  16. Janet Vogel, Librarian, Thurmont Maryland Regional Library System
  17. Scott Keyes, "Stop Asking Me My Major"
  18. Matthew Shaffer, "Educating for the Good Life"
  19. Layne Lebo, Minister, Mechanicsburg Brethern in Christ Church
  20. Go Into Business
  21. A Collection of Articles
  22. Sarah Baker, Documentary Film Maker
  23. Tony Horowitz, Reporter/Writer
  24. Amy Bass, NBC
  25. Sonia Nazario, reporter, Los Angles Times
  26. Interview with Katherine Brooks
  27. Allyson Moore Wall Street Journal guest editorial
  28. AHA Today
  29. Financial Analysis
  30. Bill Stone, Director of Forecasting and Financial Operations, Pearson Education
  31. Salaries
  32. Georgiana Iasnik, Systems Specialist
  33. Cali Pitchel McCullough, Marketing and Communications Associate
  34. Scott Rohrer, editor, National Journal
  35. Philip Bess, Maine Media Workshops
  36. Joshua Kim, Academic Administrator, Dartmouth College
  37. Tara Anderson, program coordinator, CURE International
  38. Matthew Bucher, Church Missionary/Administrator
  39. Jeff Robinson, AmeriCorps
  40. Work For Social Justice
  41. Joe Hackman, Pastor, Salford Mennonite Church, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
  42. Michael Rossi, Documentry Film Maker
  43. "History Majors in the Job Market"
  44. "Want Innovative Thinking? Hire from the Humanities"
  45. Lloyd Blankfein, Chief Executive Officer, Goldman Sachs
  46. Robert “Buddy” Hocutt, Web Content Writer
  47. Megan Talley, Administrative and Programming Coordinator, Hershey Foundation
  48. Michael Adams, Paralegal
  49. Caitlin Babcock, Non-Profit Organization Management Trainee
  50. Brianna LaCassem, Biopharmaceutical Technology, Quality Assurance Analyst
  51. Cali Pitchel, Director of Marketing, Analytic Pros
  52. Jonathan Lewis, Supply Chain Engineer
  53. Cali Pitchel, Director of Marketing, Analytic Pros
  54. David Glenn, Nurse

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