Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blog CLII (152): Looking for a Home

My article in the AHA newsletter has gotten some interesting reactions. At a conference, one person came up to me and said I was brave for writing it. Not sure why. But I think it had something to do with my suggestion that a number of Ph.D. programs shut down. I think that we need on average only one history Ph.D. program per state. Even then, fifty would be more than enough to service our social needs for history.

Until that happens--and it probably won't--students looking for a Ph.D. program need to be very careful and selective in where they apply. Below is a list of the 61 of the 62 American and Canadian universities that are members of the Association of American Universities. (Cal Tech does not have a history department).  If you are looking for a Ph.D. program, I would limit it to these schools (for those of you who want to work and live in North America). If they do not have people doing the topics you want to explore or you are unable to get in, I think you should reconsider your plans to be a historian. (Ignore this advice if you are already in a program).  Here they are: