Monday, June 1, 2015

Blog CLXXXVIII (188): Some Other Channels

Many scholarly organizations have a presence on  In fact, looking in the channel search engine using the term "history" produces thousands of results.  Many of these institutions and associations are organizations that regular viewers of this blog might find useful.  They range from museums and archives to the History channel and publishers.  Blocking off an hour or two to look at the various offerings might be time well spent for a good historian.

Given the diverse interests of the people that follow this blog and the fact that "In the Service of Clio" has the mission of focusing on career management, only three of the channels are listed here.  All three seem to do basically the same thing, present videos of history conference sessions.  There are differences, though, and all three are worth a serious and sustained look:

American Historical Association (crest).jpg

Masthead Oah Logo Large

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