Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blog CLXXXVI (186): Real Jobs Outside of Academia

A number of people in the history profession are trying to find ways out of the job crisis.  There have been sessions at a number of academic conferences.  I have written about some of those in which I participated (Blog LXVIII), and have posted videos of those sessions on this blog (Blog LXXV). 

Others have been trying to do the same.  Using the powers of the internet and video recording, "In the Service of Clio" presents this session entitled "Real Jobs Outside of Academia for Historians" that took place at the 2013 Organization of American Historians annual meeting in San Francisco, California. The speakers are Peter Sigal of Duke University; Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, a business consultant; Andrew Kinney of Harvard University Press; Susan Ferber of Oxford University Press; and T. J. Stiles, the freelance Pulitzer Prize-winning writer.
These individuals are fairly prominent in their fields and they offer some interesting comments, but the real gold comes in the question and answer session at 33:15.

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