Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog LIX (59): Videos

There is a new phenomenon out on the internet. It is the "So you Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities." It has spawned several variations. The videos are enormously popular not because they are funny--they are--but because the best satire always uses the truth.

I have put three of the videos up here. Everything--and I do mean everything--discussed in these videos has an element of truth. Each of the complaints that the professors make are those that are fairly common place in academia and representative of someone's life and career. The videos are much like cop shows on television. Most police officers in real life will only draw or discharge their weapon once, but it is not unusual for the lead in a television series to fire off bullet after bullet in one season, much less a career even if the story lines are like Law & Order and ripped from actual headlines. (It happens, just not to the same person over and over). The same is true with these videos.

I have included three. The original humanities Ph.D video. The one on political science, and finally the one on history. The history one is also the most harsh.

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