Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Administrative Note 7

The blog will be back in action tomorrow as promised. Over the holiday season, a number of news articles about many of the issues involving the job market and career development made their way to my computer. The two major media outlets that focus the most on the professional issues that academics face are The New York Times and The Chronicle of Higher Education. Since these two publications have such a wide reach, I have not bothered to reproduce any of their reporting. There has, however, been some good journalism in other publications. While we wait for the guest contributors to this blog to finish their essays, I will post a number of interesting article and opinion pieces.

This blog will then resume its series of essays on employment outside of traditional history departments. To be honest, these efforts are taking longer than expected. The guest columnists to this blog are writing their posts out of their own generosity and a belief in the mission of this undertaking. The forthcoming guest contributors are going to discuss working as a public historian, as a school teacher, as a journalist, as an editor of historical publications, and as a professor at foreign universities.

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